The Vindicator


The Vindicator’s staff is a fairly versatile group, but one of the things they can never seem to manage is to get everyone together for a staff photo. This is the best they could do.  Shown here on the far right is sportswriter Neal Thornton, leaning on the back of Ads Director Kim Marlow’s chair, who is busy as always making those sales calls. To the left of Neal is Publisher Jennifer Richardson, beside her is Club News Editor Bonita Davis, and behind them is longtime Vindicator sportswriter Jerry Michalsky. Over Bonita’s right shoulder is contributing writer Reggie White, and beside her is Managing Editor Casey Stinnett, and history columnist Kimberley St. Julian-Varnon. Seated in front of Kimberley is Ad Salesperson Calynn Owens. Sticking his head in from the left, clowning around as always, is sportswriter Dennis Warren, and while he could not be present on photo day, a portrait of music columnist Russell Payne can be seen on the wall just above Dennis’ head. Not pictured are The Vindicator’s great staff of photographers — Robert Ward, Amanda Jordan, Shonda Dryden and Angie Jackson.  In addition, The Vindicator relies on a staff of creatives at Granite Publications in Taylor who make many of the ads seen in the newspaper and prepare the proofs that are sent to the press each week. The newspaper also relies on a large number of regular and occasional contributors, like Caroline Wadzeck and Capt. Ken DeFoor, to help keep everyone up to speed on what’s going on.  The Vindicator has been around for 131 years and is still going strong. Just this past year the newspaper began running comics and other syndicated features for the first time, and it is now preparing to soon debut its very first edition to include a Spanish-language section.